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After trying endless times to agree on something, Omar and I have finally decided to do our digital narrative game on social distancing during this Covid-19 situation. We both felt that it’s very relatable and can be really challenging sometimes so might as well turn it into a game.

So, the game will be sort of a series of hard situations where each player has to pick a choice that has consequences. Actually, Omar and I have both been put in difficult situations lately due to social distancing. For example, the father of Omar’s friend passed away a week before quarantine started. You can imagine how it was very difficult to deal with such a thing during this period of time. He still felt obligated to be a good friend and be there for the guy by going to visit him however at the same time he tried to keep a social distance between him and his friends when they were at his house.

As for myself, one day right before quarantine started, I met a family friend, keep in mind that I was already trying to keep a social distance between me and everyone else, going out with hand sanitizers and everything, and he insisted to come say hi, shook hands and hugged me. The thing is I did not want to because of what’s happening and I assumed that most people will be doing the same but apparently he didn’t think it was a big deal. So when I was in this situation I had 2 choices: be rude and not shake hands with him even though he already put his hand out for me to shake, or just shake hands and risk being sick.

Social distancing and trying to be safe can sometimes be very challenging and some might even take it as rude in some cases. If you have a business meeting and your boss is still not convinced that we should stop shaking hands, what will you do? For me, I have an engagement soon so will I go and risk being around people or stay home and try to be safe but risk upsetting my friend for missing his engagement? I still don’t know.

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